Turn On, Tune Out

Visual Arts Center, Summit, NJ, 2015

Turn On,Tune Out combines the trademarks of three entertainment and media companies, the Walt Disney Corporation, Outbrain and Bored Panda. Drawn to the similarity in iconography, the cute ears, and eyes and rounded faces, I also wanted to juxtapose the different forms of entertainment, ranging from the traditional, to content discovery to viral videos and clickbait headlines.

This series of wall installations is inspired by dazzle patterning, a style of WWI naval camouflage. To confuse the enemy's attempts to determine the size, speed, and direction of a ship, it was painted in intersecting graphic patterns, often in bold colors. With the invention of sonar, such visual based camouflage fell into disuse. Other examples include Dazzle and Study in RGB: Four Parts.